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Photos from Carnaval in the GALERIE

Welcome to Maracatu Colônia
What you see is what you get: we play Maracatu!

Tanzbrunnen, radio WDR 4 :

Maracatu Colonia at the Humba-Summer-event at Bluecherpark

Maracatu music is domiciled in Pernambuco/ North-eastern Brasil.

The afro-brasilian percussion has been existing there for more than 500 years. The characteristically low sound of Alfaias, the wooden drums, is supported by a rhythmical flow created by Caixas (Snares) and Shekeres. With its high voice, the Gonguê (bell) clings the whole group together.

Some music from a concert in Limerick with toadas de Estrela Brilhante. Thank you, Mestre Walter!

Our hymne: Nação Colônia

A song for a mermaid

A very nice song in Yoruba


Founded as a Samba group in 1992, we particularly play Maracatu since 1998. Regular visits in Recife are part of our concept. We consider ourselves as messengers of the natives and the culture of Pernambuco. We try to support culturally orientated projects on site with fees which we receive from performing.


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