Here you will find a selection of homepages related to the theme "Maracatu"

European Meeting of Maracatus 2012 in Cologne

everything about the big meeting of Maracatus
from 20.-22.07.2012 at the port of Cologne

myspace-maracatu colonia

our MySpace Page


This is a site in portugeese, with lots of informations about Maracatu in general and about different groups.


Stern der Elbe

A Maracatu from Hamburg, Germany, a branch of the civic Music School

Geisterzug 09


Maracatu Zuou

A Maracatu from Bordeaux

Maracatu from Zürich,  very informatif and nicely made homepage

Maracatu hipopotomo

Maracatu from Augsburg, Germany, information about Estrela, drum manufacturing, instruments


Forum for discussion and information, portuguese


Brasilian Dance Culture Maria de Bahia in CologneForro Köln

Bresilian Dancefloor in Cologne? The first adress for Forró, Samba de Pé and Samba Gafiera.

Much information about Brasil


The Samba Group Page in Germany, information about events, groups and appearances

Angola Mae.

Since 2010 we collaborate with the dancers from this capoeira-group.